About Us

Farm Security Services are specialists in farm security and farm cameras systems. We have 10+ years in the supply and installation of camera systems for farms all over Ireland. 

We pride ourselves on providing leading technology with a first class service. 

Every project we work on is carefully planned to ensure that your farm business is protected. 

Our experience in farm security has developed into 4 key areas. 

  1. Deter: 
    The best way to protect your farm is to take steps to deter unwanted people entering your farm in the first place. 
  2. Detect: 
    If someone does insist on entering your farm, it is important to know about it as soon as possible. 
  3. Monitor: 
    Our cameras will monitor and record the activity of anyone on the farm. It can be viewed on your mobile device at a safe distance. Protecting you and your workers. 
  4. Trace:

    In the unfortunate event of something leaving your farm our security systems can trace your goods to allow recovery. 

Why Choose Us?

Pat Purcell

Pat Purcell