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Over a fifth of farms have experienced crime, mainly trespassing


Farm Security Services specilise in farm security. Our team have been securing farms for over 10 years.

We provide a complete farm security solution from start to finish. 

The 4 stages of farm security are

  • Deter
  • Detect
  • Monitor 
  • Trace

 Base Station in House

  120dB Siren with Automatic Switich off

 Battery Operated  Sensor, Pet Tolerant, Wide Angle with 20m Detection Range. 

 Door Contact for Tool Shed Door 

 20x Zoom PTZ Camera with 24/7 recording & 150m Night Vision. 

4 Stages of Farm Security

Farm Security Solutions


The first stage of securing your farm is to deter intruders from entering in the first place. To deter crime, it is important ensure all gates and access points are closed and locked. The addition of signage offers a visual deterrent to the opportunist intruder that will take advantage the opportunity you present. The presence of alarm bell boxes and camera systems are proven to help prevent crime. 


Early detection of intruders on your farm can help reduce the effects of crime by the intruder. A good farm security solution will detect intruders the moment they step into your farm. Once someone is detected on your farm you need to be alerted to either prevent the crime or to monitor the activities of intruders on your farm.

Once someone has been detected on your farm it is a good idea to activate alarm boxes and turn on lighting systems. This can help confuse and startle the intruder. At this point it is hoped the intruder will leave the farm, 


Farm monitoring systems allow you view live feeds and record footage of intruders on your farm. The footage can help you make decisions about the intrusion. Do you need to go to your farm? Do you need to contact the local Gardai for assistance? 

Monitoring systems can be used to successfully prosecute after an offence as occurred. 


In the unfortunate situation that items have been removed from your farm, it is good to be able to recover your expensive equipment. It will allow you to return to operation sooner and save having to complete an insurance claim, which could affect future premiums. Our tracing systems use GPS to alert you to an items location after a burglary. 
Our tracing systems are discrete and can be difficult to find. If place correctly, they will go undetected and allow you to recover your items. 


Farm Video Surveillance Setup Advice

  • Ensure all entrance, exits and driveways are covered with either cameras or sensors or a combination of both. Camera can be used to capture images of the intruder or the vehicle they are using if any. 
  • Use video cameras to monitor priority areas such as fuel tanks, water supplies, milk tanks and produce storage areas
  • Cameras or sensors on tool sheds and can help protect your high value items.
  • Install GPS tracking on items in discrete locations to aid with there recovery. 

Remote playback and monitoring

Our remote recording and playback allows you to remotely view your farm operations and view old footage if required. 

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Deter Criminals and Opportunists


Peace of Mind


Protect your Assets


Identify Intruders


Reduced Legal Claims

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Increased Peace of mind


Reduced Premiums


Better Workplace


Increased Profitability

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